We are a community of volunteers who are paving the way to an autonomous electrical future. If you like this project consider joining our talented group. We are working hard and we are constantly searching for new people!

Store not available at the moment


3D Designs

Rent a Server

Android app

Circuit board

Printed parts

Complete car

Including: vehicle, server, ground station, python programs and a small guide (for free but you can donate)

Including: all 3d designs, main frame, cover, axis, tires, ball bearing, motor holders, crate and lid, charger

We run the server-programs for you, your vehicle is then accessible from all over the world!

Control the vehicle with your phone. (control via gamepad available)

Power distribution board, connects: servo motors, ESC's, RPi, DC-connverters, 4G module

We print the 3D designed parts including: main frame, axis, flexiple tires, ball bearings, crate and lid for you.

We make the whole car for you! including RPi, printed parts, all electronics, App, we provide a server for a year

Commercial use:



Blender file

There is a license fee to pay, inculding all 3D designes, programs and 2h/month of support

If you need addtional help, our most experienced team members are available

Blender file to edit the vehicle yourself (adding parts for your industry)or making marketing videos  incuding anmiations and 6h of support