Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of this project?

Our goal is to assure an autonomous electrical future.

Our plans should be a basis of building more complex and application-specific vehicles.


What are the use cases of Newone?

There are many use cases, thanks to its unlimited range,

Newone is perfect for observation and transportation:


1) Observation:

In every moment where an assessment of a situation is quickly necessary. It can be easily placed

on a critical access point and then it is possible to quickly scan the situation from everywhere when needed. (Military, police, forest supervisors...It is perfect for inspecting houses in danger of collapsing, areas prone to mudslides or contaminated places. Even rangers can use Newone to avoid a dangerous situation or for enlightenment against poachers without having to deal with them in person.)


2) Transportation:

-Outdoor package delivery (parcels and food delivery)

-Indoor package delivery (in large facility’s and hospitals)

-Helping people with the transport of goods


However, we also get a lot of inquiries from hobbyists who just want to experiment.

Due to its simple set-up, no expensive and complicated machinery is needed, which leads Open-ATS also as a learning and research platform.


Are there some projects based on Newone ongoing?

Open-ATS is a relative new project so there are yet no finished projects but there are some ongoing:

1) In Italy, Newone will be the base for moving a two-handed human like robot.

the robot also uses cameras and it even uses Newone's program for data transmission over internet. 

2) In Germany, an autonomous vehicle is currently being tested based on Newone's programs and plans.

It should move through caterpillars in the wild and be completely autonomous through solar energy.

3) In the future a project in Africa will start where an aircraft based on Newone's programs

and motor control used to spy on poachers. Modern RC airplanes can have a flight time of over 5 hours.

This requires complex and very expensive telemetry systems.

Newone offers a cost-effective and even more stable solution here.


Short time goals?

First, building a simple, cheap but still advanced vehicle that anyone can recreate with minimal effort and budget. Then building a technically more complex vehicle that still anyone can recreate with some effort. This vehicle would be intended for commercial use.


Has Newone some advantages over traditional transportation (Human steering a car)?

-based on sustainable energy

-mostly weather independent

-it can work in difficult terrain.

-perfectly compatible with future AI-systems due to be fully electric,

 a powerful onboard computer, cellular connection and a integrated camera.

-up scalable and cost of initial investment is very low.

Can I change something and call it my own?

You can change, copy, and do whatever you want with the programs and plans as long as you keep a author note and keep it non commercial.

We chose a open source license, so no worries.

(for commercial use contact our support)

Can I use these programs also for a plane or a boat?

All programs can as well be used for an airplane or a boat with small changes.

However, an emergency protocol is required for an airplane. You must at least

turn off the engine when it is no longer connected, or your plane will fly into nirvana! (speaking from experience haha)


Why a server is needed, couldn't the ground station and the vehicle communicate directly

over the internet? it would make everything so simple.

Short answer: it's not possible.


The whole internet is made by the server client principle.

That means the client needs to connect to the server first than

the internet service provider allows a communication.

But of course, if you have two clients, it's not possible.


It could be done by "port forwarding" but that would imply that you have to

have a solid internet connection and that would mean the ground station isn't portable.

Another issue with "port forwarding" is that if the IP addresses of the ground station

and the vehicle can change spontaneously, the vehicle is completely lost.


What can I do to support this project?

Talk to friends about this project. You can also bring suggestions for improvements, for that have a look on GitHub. Mention us if you implement our project into your own.

At least you can donate and of course we take cryptocurrency ;)


Is it difficult to add something to the programs or add new features?

No, it isn't. Of course, little programming skills are required, but we tried to keep everything as simple as possible. Every program is less than 100 lines of code. In addition, we have attached comments to each line of code.

This makes it comprehensible for everyone.


I don’t really know how to set up a server. Isn't it too difficult and expensive?

It is actually pretty easy: you can rent a server for 3$/month (at Choose the OS you want (we recommend Debian 10) and then you can easily access your server via SSH.

Isn't it dangerous to make these plane available for the public?

cause these vehicles could be used for terror attacks?

Yes, we know sadly... and this is a problem.

but we think there are too many advantages in this concept to hide it from humanity

so, we decided against this big risk to make it public anyway.


Can I upscale the vehicles?

Of course, the programs can be used for any size, you may add security features for bigger cars.

A 3D printer with a larger printing area is required, or you can build it traditionally.


Do you take any responsibility for the availability or the quality of such service?

We take no responsibility for the availability or the quality of such services. We take no responsibility in case our products are not being used subject to our recommendations and/or instructions for use. Freedom from error cannot be guaranteed and that we take no responsibility for the current relevance, accuracy, completeness. For more see license and disclaim.